Symmetry Healthcare Strategies Announces ShiftExpress – New Supplemental Staffing Platform for Healthcare Facilities and Hospital Associations

PRINCETON, N.J., July 1, 2011 – Symmetry Healthcare Strategies, LLC a leading provider of healthcare staffing software solutions and association based staffing programs, announced today the release of its much anticipated fully web-based Microsoft .Net supplemental staffing platform for healthcare facilities and associations.

With ShiftExpress, healthcare facilities and staffing agencies can easily communicate and fill open staffing position in the areas of Nursing, Allied Health, Locum Tenens as well as non-direct patient care positions like Programmers (I.T.), Security, Housekeeping and Administrative support services.  The new system is unique in that it has been designed specifically for Associations and their members, by former association employees, who have incorporated their experience and the customer feedback they’ve received over the past eight years into the new system.

ShiftExpress was built on the belief that healthcare facilities need an intuitive, and simplistic yet technically advanced tool to efficiently and safely procure supplemental staff.  For staffing agencies the tool needed to be user friendly and provide a broader scope of options that would simplify and enhance the process of communication with their healthcare partners without demanding additional steps and resources.

In addition to the performance, security, support and reliability benefits associated with the .Net upgrade, users will benefit immediately from the new platform in terms of its ability to handle real time system upgrades and enhancements as well as the ability to integrate with Symmetry’s more sophisticated Staffing Vendor Management (VMS) and Open Shift Management (OSM) workforce products.

“We believe ShiftExpress is the perfect tool for those organizations who want to simplify and bring efficiencies to the process of procuring supplemental staff” said Diane Adams, RN, MBA, President, Staffing Services for Symmetry. “Our hospital association roots give us a unique perspective on how to effectively partner with Associations to build and manage their staffing programs, either for or with them, and ShiftExpress is a vital staffing program component”.

About Symmetry:  Symmetry Healthcare Strategies is a leading provider of clinical work force management solutions, contingent staff management and staffing consulting services to hospitals, hospital associations, and other healthcare providers throughout the United States. Symmetry’s mission is to help hospitals and healthcare facilities to better manage their core and supplemental clinical workforce in a way that provides efficiency to the process and helps control costs, reduce open shifts and ensure quality care for their patients.  For more information, please visit

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Gracielinda Prescott