Association Based Staffing Programs

Simplifying Staffing



In Healthcare facilities today approximately 65% of every dollar spent goes to labor expense. With so much at stake, every dollar counts. Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to strike a balance and achieve just the right mix of staff to match specific demand and ensure proper expense management. Symmetry Healthcare Strategies can help strike this balance and improve the process along the way.

Symmetry has nearly ten years experience at building and maintaining Association-Based supplemental staffing programs. Our Registry Management Program has been developed to address issues concerning the acquisition, quality, availability and overall cost of supplemental staffing.

Through our program, Symmetry will assist participants in obtaining traveler, per diem and allied healthcare personnel for assignments without the cumbersome administrative issues normally associated with securing staff from outside agencies. The goal of this program is to ensure staff availability and quality, as cost-effectively and as simply as possible.