Managed Services Program

It’s a proven fact; for healthcare providers to ensure the safest, most cost-effective and efficient staffing levels, they ultimately rely on assistance from outside staffing agencies. Whether it’s filling in for leaves of absence, vacations, EHR implementations, sudden increases in census or acuity swings, your staffing needs are in constant flux and your ability to communicate quickly and directly with staffing agencies to meet those needs is critical.

Add in the additional concerns of JCAHO compliance, credentials management, and screening requirements for outside agency staff and the need for a fully managed supplemental staffing solution becomes vividly apparent. SymmetryMSP takes care of everything for you. We handle the entire process of working with your staffing vendors and simplify not only the acquisition of agency staff, but we also manage the credentialing process and the often tedious task of invoicing and reconciliation.

SymmetryMSP was designed by experienced industry experts who know where the problems lie; let us do the work for you. 


SymmetryMSP Features & Benefits:

  • Let us manage the entire process of working with outside staffing agencies to reach hundreds of candidates instantly
  • We’ll handle your supplemental staff’s credentials, including updates and communicating with JCAHO directly when needed
  • All staffing invoices will be verified by us to simplify the reconciliation process
  • 100% Vendor Neutral, so you get the best staff, at the best rates