Credential Management

Symmetry offers a robust credential compliance tool that manages an endless list of industry and proprietary credentials, qualifications, internal documentation, orientation and other HR documentation.

Our SymCredential solution auto-generated messaging will email an electronic notification alerting the relevant parties 30 days in advance of any expiring credential.

If a healthcare professional has an expired credential then their profile is flagged and the expired document is noted. That healthcare professional may be blocked from requests to work and the credential reporting tool allows the facility management to run a report over any date range showing any profiles that are missing credentials from the list of specifically required credentials and any expired documents. Additionally, reports can also show a list of any future expiring credentials by specific credential, all or a filtered list.

Healthcare partners often comment on the ease of use in loading existing or new credentials through an upload portal or an embedded, bar-coded fax upload that is embedded in the application making ongoing credential maintenance very simple to manage.